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Anne Bancroft - I Bet He Is Out Shtupping My Daughter.jpg
Anne Bancroft - Mind If I Smoke.jpg
Barbara Eden - Over Here, Master.jpg
Barbara Stanwyck - Be Like The  Tide And Come Inside My Harbor .jpg
Barbara Stanwyck - Blowing Wild.jpg
Barbara Stanwyck - Burlesque Queen - Platinum.jpg
Barbara Stanwyck - Burlesque Queen.jpg
Barbara Stanwyck - Mirrors 1949.jpg
Chloe Grace Moretz - Innocence Denied.jpg
Dawn Wells - Sixties Desire.jpg
Debra Kerr - Take Off Those Wet Things, Sergeant.jpg
Elizabeth Taylor - Curtain Call Quickie - B&W.jpg
Elizabeth Taylor - Curtain Call Quickie.jpg
Elizabeth Taylor - Punished.jpg
Grace Kelly - The Screening Room .jpg

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